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Augmented Training Technology for Welding

Avoids physical risk
Reduces training costs
Reduces environmental impact
Attracts youngsters to welding


The Revolution in Welding Training!

The mission of SOLDAMATIC was to give the market a highly innovative solution, with great pedagogical value, extremely competitive in price, efficient, safe, sustainable and very flexible, in order to adapt to specific welding training centres and technical schools requirements in the 5 continents.


The Mission & Benefits of Soldamatic?


Help governments, vocational and educational institutions train more welders, in less time, better qualified, cheaper, safer, reducing environmental impact and promoting female initiation to a traditionally male proffesion. Align training with industry requirements to increase possibilities of local labour work force to be useful for industries demanding high qualified workers that now in most of situations are being brought from foreign countries.

  • Avoids physical risk
  • Reducing training costs
  • Reduces enviorenmental impact
  • Promotes incorporation of women to welding
  • Attracts youngsters to welding


Who can benefit from the Soldamatic technology?

  • The manufacturing industry - SOLDAMATIC improves the quality of training versus the traditional model by means of an intensive practice time, providing high qualified welders that can be specialized in basis of the industries’ necessities. The flexibility of SOLDAMATIC lets it adapt itself to the training requirements of any company or industry. It can also work as a recruitment filter for new workers.
  • Training institutions and schools - SOLDAMATIC does not require industrial facilities and a great investment in comparison with a welding workshop, and it avoids expend on materials, gases, consumables, etc. Its electrical power consumption is very low. It avoids physical risks for students. It facilitates and makes more efficient the instructor’s work. Definitively it helps to get over the limitations of the traditional training model because of the public budgets’cut.
  • Students and new welders - SOLDAMATIC is a very attractive educational tool for youngsters due to its cutting edge simulation technology and Augmented Reality, which provides a safe and clean training environment by letting them practice all the time needed and facilitating a customized training to become high qualified professionals that are demanded by the companies.
  • Welding associations - SOLDAMATIC is a very attractive training tool for youngsters due to its advanced technology, and it reaches a double objective: attracting young people to welding and also helping to spread the knowledge about this important topic.
  • Governments and public administrations - The future of the countries depends on the learning level of its citizens. Soldamatic helps to modernize training by making it more attractive (to get over academic failure), efficient (balance between cost-incomes and quick amortization), safe (without physical risks), and with higher quality (more effective practice time), and at the same time provides a great costs savings and avoids harmful gases emissions to the environment. SOLDAMATIC also favors the inclusion of women into traditionally male industries.



  Introduction Video

THAILAND 1st National AUGMENTED Welding Skills Competition
1. Soldamatic Augmented Training competition start
2. SMAW Vertical upwards basic 2,5 mm electrode in carbon steel
3. SMAW Horizontal basic 2.5mm electrode in carbon steel

SOLDAMATIC modernizing welding training around the world
The Most Innovative Technology Award for Soldamatic at Hungexpo, Hungary
Soldamatic in Belgium prime time TV news
SOLDAMATIC Augmented Training in South Korea

SOLDAMATIC benefits over traditional model for Welding Training Centers
AUGMENTED TRAINING in Goierri Technical School
SOLDAMATIC SMAW course with Huelva city council certificates awards ceremony
Seabery Augmented Training Technology by Historias de Luz

SATT Español
Augmented Training Español
SOLDAMATIC in Spanish TVE1 News
Soldamatic Augmented Training

Teacher Software SATT
Soldamatic Simulator

SOLDAMATIC exercises
01 Arc Striking Tapping
02 Arc Striking Scratching
03 Arc Lenght

Liked videos
IIW International Fillet Welder course in MAG Carbon Steel
Realidad aumentada para atraer a jóvenes a la formación profesional
La simulación por realidad aumentada revoluciona la FP



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