About Us


Engineering Equipment for schools, colleges, and vocational centres

Our Vision

Providing skill training opportunities for the people of Malaysia through our group businesses interests in order to enhance and alleviate the overall unemployment in Malaysia.

All successful businesses are from the PEOPLE within your organization and they are the backbone that will support you throughout the life span of your organization.

Our Missions

To build and provide the best product & services available without causing any unnecessary harm to others and
implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

List of Company:

Bumiputera companies, selling machinery & service to welding training Centre, School, Academy and Industries.

Specialize in providing Certification Training for welder(WQT) ; Welding Inspection training; WPS development according to AWS, BSEN, ISO, ASME, CODE and Standard, NDT Service &

Specialize Welding Machine, Safety Equipment, Welding Consumable & Accs

Specialize in integrating Automation systems: Robot Welding Automation System, Plasma Welding or Cutting System , Laser Welding or Cutting System and Column & Boom or customize Automation system.

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